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  • What is croffle?
    A croffle is a combination of croissant and waffle. It is crispy on the outside like a waffle but the inside is flaky and light like a croissant. Our croffle is freshly made and baked every day by hand. To see more croffle flavours, go to MENU.
  • Do you make vegan croffle?
    Unfortunately, our croissant and croffle are not vegan available. However, we have other products that are vegan which are available on our menu.
    All our products contain wheat, egg and milk products. They may also contain traces of nuts. Some of them contain peanuts and tree nuts. Please contact us at (+33) 07 64 09 36 27 if you require more information regarding ingredients.
  • Do you provide catering or wholesale services?
    Yes, we do!! Please call us or send us your enquiry to
  • Do you deliver?
    We only deliver for catering and wholesale orders over 100 pcs (in Limoges). Please check our website and get a price quote.😉
  • What cake flavour do you have?
    We have a variety of flavours that you can choose for your special cake! The primary flavours we have are Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Lemon, Matcha and Coffee. For more special requirements such as less sugar, no sugar or vegan cake, you need to contact our team to discuss the possibility in order to achieve the best cake for your preference.
  • When should I take an order?
    To place your special cake order, you need to contact us at least 1-2 weeks in advance. This is depending on your cake design requirement. We encourage you to order the earlier the better.
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